We endow splendour to every occasion with captivating patterns and compositions on facades, etching ever-resonating impacts in the minds. Our passionate designs embellish every facade with a special gleam.

We have featured twice in the Limca Book of Records for creating longest temporary facade

In the year 2008: Vibrant Gujarat 2007 held at Ahmedabad
In the year 2010: Glass Tech 2010 held at Mumbai.


Metal Truss Structure

Well sculpted 101 ft clear span structures comprise of materials that endure rigorous manoeuvring, serving all purposes viz. Exhibitions, conferences, events, banquets and more. The pre-engineered tubular structures consist of several pre-built components assembled and installed at sites using cranes.

Our modular structure concepts are flexible and expandable which works favourably in making them compatible with our comprehensive service offerings.

RMB has gained a leading position as a service provider of mobile aircon hall and aluminium hangers.

German Structure

Adhering to global marketing and branding demands, we have added 40m Pillarless Aluminium Roder High Tech Structures from Germany which is a world-renowned specialist in Aluminium clear span structures.



Our cooling solutions astound many with their capability to keep environment, enclosure, structures and spaces at events cool and comfortable beyond imagination. Our overwhelming range of air conditioner services is known for the quality, indoor air, thermal comfort and maintenance of humidity and temperature within spaces.

Our CAC Systems (Central Air Conditioning) ensure uniform cooling at all places with an even spacing. They serve all occasions and can also be hired for shutdowns and arrangement during stopgap period.

Registration Stalls

Distinctly vivid and visible designs draw the rapt attention of visitors. The captivating effect of the aesthetics of the Registration Stalls is the perfect beginning to the experience to come, of mesmerizing variants of design par excellence in the event beyond. The images make it easy for the visitors to identify and locate the space where from the actual journey of exploring more pleasant surprises begins.



Richly abstract vestibules that serve as the perfect passageways, joining two major events areas, balancing aesthetics and functionality; an area leading you from one event area to another, offering an ideal, comfortable and spacious walk through experiences between different areas.

The perfect height with a spectacle of visuals and well illuminated side structures overwhelm minds with profound admiration.


Highly interesting areas created from where an aura of serenity, peace, pride and success emanates. Design for the lounge area are unprecedented replicas of pure crafting unto elegance, class and style, with ideas intertwined with desires, aspiration and urge for wholesomeness.


Modular Stalls

Adding to the spectacle, experience the wondrous pleasure of having innumerable footfalls at your stalls at events. Our skilfulness at creating the most conducive, attractive and eye-pleasing stalls are one of our specialities. .

We conceptualise, design, and create quintessential modular stalls that are highly efficient and functional, and can be easily transformed as per requirement.

Stall Interior

EExhibitions and trade-fairs are a great way to be seen by a large number of people, but what does it take to appeal to an audience with short attention spans, with too much to see and not enough time on their hands?

This is where RMB Event comes in, with a proven expertise and a substantial track-record of turning exhibition stalls into stunning displays that attracts footfall like never before. We conceptualize and create exemplary modular stalls that are highly efficient, functional and customizable.


Food Court

A spacious and well-organized food area, at strategically placed locations at Events and Exhibitions, rouses your appetite and beckons all to explore the wonderful culinary offerings. It is our way of adding a memorable flavour to relish.

Well – assembled fixtures and decors that furnish the space with suitable and eye-pleasing imageries, yielding comfort to all those that venture into the cafeteria; apt and ample space to replenish and relish food with utmost comfort and relaxation.

Wedding Décor

Wedding vows are memories to treasure forever. Any custom or tradition of wedding, we are there to make it amazingly special, bonding with you in making it the most resplendent event of your life.

We provide a space that offers a plethora of reasons to gather, assemble, get together and exchange moments at one place. We create the ambiences that not only converge people, but also minds, thoughts and hearts.

Our endeavour is to provide a model environment that suits best for public functions, pushing the frontiers beyond just space, creating atmosphere with the spirit of getting people together and joining in, beneath exquisite milieus and designs.



Authentic manifestation and creation of natural ambience, suffused with closely resembling greenery and architecture, swathed in the shrouds of created sceneries that appear true to life and close to nature. It is a verdant, plush, riveting, and entrancing piece of architecture that we design and create.

Explore our world of Landscape Architecture that unveils beauty and exquisiteness, expanding the confines of design through our concepts.

Large Scale Public Functions

Everyone loves a gathering. With parties, get-togethers and functions happening at a fairly high frequency, one would think it’s all mostly more of the same all around.

So, what do you do when you want to host a function that’s a truly memorable event for those who attend and the talk of the town for those who don’t? It’s simple; you give us a call and we take it from there.

We specialize in creating experiences that leave a mark, offering solutions that go merely beyond effective space management. We help create the right ambience and the ideal atmosphere for public functions, ranging from school and college functions, political and public gatherings, spiritual discourses, annual day functions and so on.


Concert Setup

The grandiosity of a stage performance comes from a larger-than-life stage setup, which transforms the stage into another fantastical world that inspires awe and wonder. We excel at creating elaborate and elegant stage setups, covering all ends of the production aspect, turning a performance into a tour-de-force which remains etched in minds forever.