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A lineage of tradition – The indomitable aegis RMB Events Pvt. Ltd. was an envisioned dream that became a reality because of a pragmatic and meticulous visionary Late Shri. R M Bhattad, who was the catalyst in laying the foundation of this organisation in 1948. He fervently believed in ‘A vision with hardwork yields successes’.

The genesis of the organisation got its identity with the mainstream business then i.e. marriage decoration activity. He infused beliefs and conviction in the organisation, bringing about radical and positive changes in the trends of the industry that has been enormously inspirational to every inhabitant in the company.

Envisaging the gleaming potentialities in the events & exhibitions business, he centralised his focus, further culminating it to be an Events & Exhibitions Company, entrenching a wide gamut of services, which was a newly added vertical to the business in 1964. In the ever-changing sphere, he turned new leaves of change with a futuristic approach, amalgamating traditionalism and modernism with equal potion.

In 2008, the business got a new and transformed identity as RMB Events Pvt. Ltd, for its existence, growth, development and independent ability to function. As a part of the Bhattad group of Companies, RMB Events Pvt . Ltd. comprised of the ethos and values of the group, complementing the expertise and competence.

Our Fortes - Your Advantage

We have made significant inroads by offering maximum comfort to organisers, magnified presence and embellished aesthetics that leave indelible impact in the minds of the visitors; unwavered commitments of timely delivery / execution & completion of work is our strong suit.

Structural Features that yield dividends to our exhibitors

  • High structural engineering dynamics even for temporary structures.
  • Our leadership in Big span Air Conditioned RMB structures that give 100% area utility within structures with uniform cooling.
  • Meeting our customers’ preferences and choice of larger event area space

Our Vision and Mission

  • Our Vision is to set world class performances, integrate best operations, best scalability and increased reliability.
  • Foster smarter, faster, versatile methods, technology and means to meet the most complex requirements of our clients.
  • We envisage a congenial working relationship with our associates and vendors with a mutual business relationship.
  • Get more and more innovative, and garner optimum support and trust of our clients, exhibitors, stakeholders, employees.